Vestom company was established in 2016, on the basis of human resources and infrastructure of the KAMA company, specializing in the production of protective clothing, uniforms for all services and ballistic accessories since 1993.

Vestom's goal is to maintain a high level of product quality as well as to increase production efficiency. The company produces uniforms for the Polish Army and other services as well as military accessories such as backpacks and tactical vests.

The management team is constantly working on the expanding of the team as well as the modernization of the production line. The company currently employs about 140 employees in the positions of: seamstress, sewing machine mechanics, warehousemen, tailoring assistance, technologists, quality controllers, foremen, as well as marketing and administration specialists.

High performance, reliability and precision performance of products based on the large experience of line workers (seamstresses machine, vending operators and quality controllers). Production takes place on the fully automated ETON line, thanks to which the production time is maximally shortened.

The ETON process allows us to accurately control the production process and quickly eliminate errors. Each position is closely monitored. Thanks to this organization of work, the possibility of making a mistake is minimal.

The design, preparation and implementation of production technologies are widely computerized. All models ordered by customers are optimized in terms of the use of materials, so that «waste» is insignificant.

The staff responsible for product design and production are qualified and experienced specialists who have been working in the company for over a decade. Their professionalism guarantees the introduction of new products smoothly and without technical problems.


Vestom in its portfolio also has a brand Kidspace – specialised in producing textile accessories for babies and older children, which has gained recognition among customers throughout Poland and Europe.

Visit our store: kidspace-shop.com